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Draw In Perspective -

Draw In Perspective -

Launched Nov. 29, 2011

Drawing in perspective allows an artist to break away from 2 dimensional space (2D) and work correctly in the 3rd dimension (3D). This is done with the help of perspective lines. is for anyone interested in learning how to set up, and use, perspective lines when drawing or painting. Maybe you're new to drawing and want to know the basics of perspective? Maybe you're an instructor looking for a resource to help your students? This website quickly explains everything you need to know in order to draw in perspective, complete with tips and examples. From the basic setup of one and two point perspective to more advanced techniques such as three point, atmospheric perspective, and foreshortening, you should be comfortable with everything perspective by the time you're finished going through this tutorial site.

When you're ready to start drawing or painting in a digital format, save yourself time by downloading the Perspective Lines Setup (PLS) Tool for use in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Or, import the tool into Corel Draw and other graphic software. I've done the tedious work for you so you can do what you want to do most, draw!

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